Resurrection Monday Launching with Free Kindle Version

Chris Conant, Nancy Conant Resurrection Monday Book

We’re excited to release the paperback and kindle version of my new book, Resurrection Monday. Co-written with my husband, Chris Conant, Resurrection Monday tells the very hard and beautiful story of my life struggles and death with M.S. and faith, followed by where my gift in art came from. It is a Christian autobiography that shows that God has a plan for your life, and not even death will stop him from fulfilling it.

I want to encourage you to read it. The story is a labor of love. We contacted the Kindle store to make the book available for free to commemorate my 25,000 facebook fans, and they gave us only five days. So, for a limited time, from June 11-15, 2013, you can download the Kindle version of Resurrection Monday FOR FREE at Amazon (thereafter $2.99). You can read the book on a Kindle reader or using the Kindle App for iPad. We wanted to make it available for free so that you could also tell friends about it by sharing this post.

BONUS: If you would like to enjoy a piece of my art in your home, order the paperback here and for less than $20 we’ll ship out a paperback copy of the book and a 9 x 12 mini-poster of the Stallion, suitable for framing. Again, I appreciate that you would share this post with others. The mini poster is only available with the paperback version of Resurrection Monday from

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Resurrection Monday, Chris Conant, Nancy Conant

Painting at an outdoor fair.


The Lion Cub Nancy Conant

The Lion Club by Nancy Conant (c) 2013 Nancy Conant