Original Pastel Painting
  • Sunflowers
  • Size: 23 x 14 inches 1
  • $2800

1Add 2-3 inches per side for frame. What is an Original Pastel Painting?

Limited Edition Giclée
  • 500 in Edition
  • Size: 23 x 14 inches
  • $300

What is a Giclée?


This is a very special painting for me. You see, most of my paintings are painted from reference photos that I purchased copyrights to. I am so very thankful for all the contributions made by some of the most awesome photographers on the planet!

This one, however, is all mine!  I became inspired to set up a photo studio in my home. I gathered props from thrift stores and borrowed some from friends and I went wild! I set up so many still life scenes! This was one of them.

Inspired by Rembrandt, I absolutely adore his lighting style and technique. It is called chiaroscuro. It’s an Italian word, meaning light coming out of the dark.