Original Pastel Painting
  • Snickers
  • Size: 8 x 10 inches


We found “Snickey” 15 years ago in a park. She was sick and pregnant. She was a teenage mom; clearly just a kitten herself. I begged my husband, “Can we take her home with us PLEEEZZZE”!? After checking with the households in the surrounding area, we learned that she did not have any people of her own – “she was just a park cat”. So, we jumped in the car with this quiet calico kitty, who up until that point hadn’t uttered a peep, (or a purr). Once we began to drive, she turned on her purr-er and she hasn’t stopped since.

They say animals know when someone saves their lives, (and the lives of their young)! They are forever grateful to their rescuer. Well, that sure holds true for Snick. She acts more like a dog than a cat. She needs lots of love, attention and companionship. Because of her coloring and markings, my husband thought we should name her Snickers; she looked like a Snickers bar.

That night she had five kittens, (I even got to help with the delivery)! After the birth, we named her babies after candy as well! Each look like their namesake: Baby Ruth and Bit of Honey were the two golden tabbies in the bunch. Abazaba was white with caramel tipped ears and rings on his tail. Hersey’s Kiss was our chocolate kitty, but like a black leopard, you could see hints of stripes in his fur. Kit Kat looked just like her mama. She was a calico kitty. We found great homes for all the babies but we became the mom’s people.