She Wolf
Original Pastel Painting
  • She Wolf
  • Size: 14 x 11 inches

She Wolf

This is Diablo, her “given name” by her owner. However, I call her SHE WOLF, because I hate the devil and refuse to name a painting after him. Actually, this was a learning experience in painting She Wolf. I attended a workshop and got her started there; came home and finished her as well as Lord of the Savanna. I was pretty happy with the results. They say when you go to a workshop, don’t expect to get a good painting out of it. Just go and soak in everything the teacher teaches. Abandon what you think you know and start fresh under their instruction. And that’s exactly what I did. Best workshop I’ve ever taken! I learned a ton and still got two great paintings out of it!


  1. Wow, Nancy! I love this technique. The eyes are so penetrating! We always look forward to seeing more. Whenever my girls see your work, they always stop and stare. Camryn wants to know what the wolf’s name is. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Jon. I was told her name is Shaton. However, I did not name the painting that since that is not a nice word in Arabic. I looked it up and among the derogatory meanings was this:
    n) Shaton or Shaitan is an Arabic word meaning “devil”.
    Hmmm. You don’t need to mention that to your sweet, little cutie-pie 😉
    Let’s have a renaming contest! Whoever comes up with the best name gets to rename my painting from “She-Wolf” to ___________________________?
    Now it’s your turn. Fill in the blank!