pastel painting of two lions cuddling
Original Pastel Painting
  • Leaning on Her Beloved
  • Size: 36 x 24 inches
  • Sold
Limited Edition Giclée
  • 300 in Edition
  • Size: 36 x 24 inches
  • $375.00

What is a Giclée?

Leaning on Her Beloved

This painting’s title is inspired by the Bible book, Song of Solomon. The lover’s expression of desire for one another is beautiful and poetic.

To me, this painting embodies beauty, poetry and love. I am an animal person. That’s not news! I love animals. My heart aches when people say that an animal is just an animal – without feeling, no emotion, no capacity to love and be loved. This painting effectively refutes that opinion, as I believe it to be seriously flawed. They do love!