Painting titled Giovane Amore – Young Love
Original Pastel Painting
  • Giovane Amore – Young Love
  • Size: 18 x 24 inches 1
  • $2,400.00

1Add 2-3 inches per side for frame. What is an Original Pastel Painting?

Giovane Amore – Young Love

Naming a painting is always a joy. The name usually comes to me before I even begin the piece. In this case, the image embodied love. What is extra sweet about these two lovers is their apparent youth. You see, the male lion couldn’t be older than two; I can tell this because of the size of his mane.

So, why the title name in Italian? There’s something about love that brings out my Italian roots. It makes me want to sing about love! If I were fluent in Italian, I suppose I would break out in song in Italian. Thus we have Giovane Amore, (Young Love). And deeper still, when I observe love, it inspires the love I have toward the people in my life – and I’m filled with gratitude for them.

In my book, Resurrection Monday, I talk a great deal about the struggles of life; but the “wonder” of the story is that: Love wins! Love eclipses all else. I hope you have a chance to get a printed copy or a digital copy and let God’s Love envelop you like never before.

Ti amo (I Love You)