Original Pastel Painting
  • Finnegan
  • Size: 18 x 12 inches
  • Sold


Finnegan was a commission. I was hired by my dear cousin to paint her granddaughter’s beloved cat, but it was to be a surprise. So, my cousin and I cooked up a scheme to go to the house and take a quick pic of ol’ Fin and be on our way.

I know better. You see, in order to capture a single picture that is worthy of becoming a painting I typically have to shoot 100 photos (no exaggeration!) and then maybe “the one” will be amongst them.

Accept when we showed up to the house the granddaughter arrived as well. Now what?!  So I acted like a crazed “cat lover” who just had to dote over and photograph her cat. She actually loved it! As if the whole world should have such a reaction to her boy.  Well, I got my one photo – out of a hundred or so!