Original Pastel Painting
  • Aeonium Arboreum – The Succulent Series (1 of 3)
  • Size: 9 x 12 inches 1
  • $900

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1Add 2-3 inches per side for frame. What is an Original Pastel Painting?

Aeonium Arboreum – The Succulent Series (1 of 3)

My scope of topics to paint is widening and that excites me! I used to strictly paint portraits of people or animals but still life and floral are becoming more interesting as time passes. I don’t know what it is about succulents, but they seem to be all the rage right now! I see them everywhere!

For me, seeing succulents brings me right back to the coast of California. It reminds me of waves crashing, the smell of the sea and the sand and the warmth of the sun. They are a delight to me!