Major Art And Life Changes For This Texas Artist

Pastel painting of a flower titled Rose of Sharon

ROSE OF SHARON   acrylic on canvas   36 x 36

While most of the country is deluged in snow, sleet or rain, we here in Texas are no exception! So I’m holing myself up in my warm, cozy house, thanking God for providing us with shelter and writing this blog.

As the seasons change from winter to spring, I sense there will come some major changes for me. Over the past eight years I’ve been painting primarily in pastels. I frequently would say, “When the girls are grown and off to college, then I will train in oils. Until then, oils and kids just don’t mix!” It’s so true! Painting in pastels is so easy! I walk up to my painting (in my home-studio), grab a pastel and start going for it; before I know it, it’s dinner time. No problem, I just put the pastel down and go make dinner for the family. With oils, I have all this preparation required before I can even begin to put brush to canvas; never mind the clean up required. What I need is big chunks of uninterrupted time. Between laundry and banking and cooking and being a private chauffeur, I’m flat out of time (and gas!).

Even though the girls are no longer homeschooling and are now in public school from 8:30 – 4:30, I still find myself running short on painting time. My goal is to paint daily. My mentor would often say, “There is nothing like clocking hours with your brush to grow, in one’s skill, as an artist.” What that means to me is I need to paint – daily. I’m not succeeding at this right now but I’m not giving up on the idea either.

If you’re a follower of my Facebook Artist’s Page you’ve probably noticed I’ve slowed down a bit on my posting. In part, it is because I think I’ve shared all of my paintings with you! But it’s also because I’m not putting out anything new since I’m training in oils. But, I think what I will do to remedy that, is I’ll keep one pastel always on the easel while I’m training in oils. I will also post progress pictures, since many of you have said you enjoy that.

This spring, I hope to stay in touch with you via my web blog as well as Facebook. When you visit my site, be sure to take a moment to join my mailing list (bottom of all web pages). I intend on sending out a quarterly newsletter chronicling how things are rolling along here in Texas, what’s on the easel, where are the exhibits to see and workshop possibilities.

I must say, I’ve derived so much joy interacting with you and I look forward to many more opportunities to share what God is doing in and through me through my art and my story (Resurrection Monday). You’ve encouraged and strengthened me, more times than I can count, with your kind words and support. Love to you all.