Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pastel painting?

Ms. Conant’s original pastel paintings are created on Hahnemühle Velour Papers or its equivalent, (in the case of larger paintings). This archival paper is applied to a sturdy, acid-free board. Only the finest pastel pigments available in today’s marketplace are used for longevity of luster and the life of the painting. The original work of art is a hand signed by the Artist, using Acid-Free, Fade-Resistant, Prismacolor Premier Fine Line Marker. The painting is secured directly to Tru-Vue Conservation Series Glass. This is a premium UV protection, anti-reflective “invisible” glass that is museum quality. Presented by Nancy Conant Painted Portraits.

What is a Giclée?

Giclées are regarded by those in the fine art field as the highest quality reproduction of original, archival artwork available today. Giclée, (pronounced Gee’clay) is a French term meaning “to spray” which describes the process of how a Giclée is made. High-end ink jet printing equipment and archival quality ultra chrom K3 inks are used to produce your Giclée print giving it amazing color, fidelity, gloss level and scratch resistance. Glamour II Veneer canvas varnish is water-based and environmentally safe. In addition, a clear coat of varnish has been applied to provide UV protection and additional protection against scratches or mars. The Giclée is printed on Sommerset watercolor 180-museum quality rag paper. This paper respects the ISO 9706 government standards and is distributed by Canson. The Giclée comes in a limited edition. In other words, if there are three hundred in the edition, after the 300th Giclée is sold, there are no more; making your piece of artwork valuable, because it’s no longer available. Therefore, the Giclée is perfect for art collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Each Giclée comes with a certificate of authenticity, and his hand-signed and numbered by the Artist.

What is a Signature Poster Series?

Our latest product, The Signature Poster Series, is an offset poster printed on 100# matte book stock with a satin aqueous finish. These posters have been produced at a standard ready-made frame sizes. The posters are a printed reproduction of the original painting, along with the Nancy Conant logo in signature style. Any poster in The Signature Poster Series can be rolled and shipped almost anywhere. The series is an open edition, meaning there is no limitation on how many will be produced. The Signature Poster Series is perfect for the art enthusiast to enjoy the artwork while remaining on a cost-conscious budget.

Can I Share Your Painting?

Thank you for asking! It shows a lot of character, consideration and integrity to check with an artist before doing something with or to a piece of artwork. In the case of sharing on Facebook; you may absolutely share the painting. Ms. Conant only asks that you credit her as the artist and that you do not try to print the painting. Please see Copyright and Licensing.

How Much is a Portrait?

Quoting a price for a painted portrait (for a person or a pet or both!) has many variables. I begin by determining a number of factors: Size of painting, number of subjects in the painting, head, bust or full body, also, is the background complex or simple? The best thing to do is to contact me via my website or through a private message on Facebook. Attach the photo(s) that you had in mind to use as a reference. Or if you require for me to come out and shoot the photography, fees would apply for time and travel. I then take the photo(s) and determine a composition and make a recommendation on the size that the portrait should be. And when that’s all said and done – then I can give you a quote! To answer the question, “How much does a portrait cost?” in a general way, I would give a base number of $500. Believe it or not, that barely covers my costs!

So What All Goes In To A Painted Portrait?*

  • $12 Archival velour paper mounted on acid free linen board.
  • $25 mounting board and service fee
  • $35 worth of pastel consumption (quality pastels aren’t cheap!)
  • $150 Frame moulding, backing, dust cover, framing adhesive, D-rings & wire
  • $50 UV Protection, Anti-Reflective Museum Quality Glass
  • $100 Special Shipping Crate, custom built to fit the painting.
  • $35 Shipping and Handling fees

TOTAL cost of materials = $407
This number does not reflect my time, which is generally 10 to 20 hours, depending on the amount of detail to complete a painted portrait.

*The amounts listed are based on a small painting (11 x 14 or smaller).