Dallas Pet Portrait Artist-Dog and Cat Paintings

self portait of a woman holding a cat

As an artist, painting dogs and cats with their owners is a love of mine. I also enjoy owners who unravel their framed art to reveal a painted portrait of their beloved companions, like dogs, cats, horses, birds —even rats and guinea pigs. (But not all in the same painting!)


The bond between human and animal is special, and I find that in the loyal eyes of a pet is a personality (or an animality!) waiting to be captured on canvas –this is what this dog artist or cat artist enjoys most about painting.

I like to paint in pastels. Pastels have been known to outlast traditional oil paints in vibrancy and color sustainability. Plus after a couple generations oil paintings begin to crack, where pastels do not. However, a pastel painting must be put behind glass.

This will help preserve a pet painting or a dog portrait so that it can be handed down to many generations.