Resurrection Monday

Resurrection Monday is the true story of Chris and Nancy Conant’s battle with her multiple sclerosis and her death experience from suicide.

First, her eyesight becomes impaired. Next, her ability to walk is affected. Eventually many of the functions normally taken for granted become difficult.

Nancy’s life was over. This wife, mother and business owner became defined by the disease. Depression sank in as she believed God overlooked her healing and she had become too much of a burden to her own family. Isolated from healthy peer relationships and right thinking, her “life crash” was too much to bear, so Nancy deliberately ended her life on Easter, 2009.

However, death could not hold her, and the medical community is stunned after God sends her back, alive , with a plan for new life, healing, truth and a prolific gifting in art that would only be found in Christ.

Resurrection Monday is the book you won’t put down. It gives incredible hope to those suffering from disease, broken relationships, suicidal thoughts, or abuse… and offers inspiration through the transforming power of God’s love…that not even death can hold back the plans He has for us.