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Resurrection Monday Small Group Leader

Suicide and death are very taboo topics in our culture. And yet, it’s stunning how prevalent the issue is. We see it happening with veterans or those returning from overseas service; it is the leading cause of death among MS patients; and suicide rates show there are more deaths from suicide than there are auto crashes.

This is a serious topic deserving of our attention. We want to encourage small group leaders whether at a recovery group, a Bible study, or an MS support group, Resurrection Monday is certain to give insight into the problems of, and offer ministry and hope to those suffering from terminal disease, MS or depression.

We offer a free copy of Resurrection Monday for group leaders to evaluate and review. It is a Christian autobiography, including Scripture references and spiritual concepts with an understory of love and marriage devotion. The book is purchased in the Kindle store and downloaded onto an e-reader such as an Amazon Kindle Reader. The purchase amount will be refunded by sending a copy of the receipt with a self-addressed envelope to:

Restored Anew Ministries
PO Box 0867
Cedar Hill TX 75106

To order printed copies of the book at a group discount, you can order in packs of ten at a bulk rate of 25% off or $104.92 plus applicable tax and shipping/handling.

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Individual copies of Resurrection Monday may be ordered here.

A Resurrection Monday Devotional, offering a contemplative study supplement to the book, is written by Nancy Conant and will be available soon.