About the Artist


Nancy Conant began her artistic endeavors at a very early age. “I pretty much wanted to sculpt or draw anything I could get to sit still! I would spend countless hours studying faces in fashion magazines and try to meticulously render what I saw.”

“Like most of us, I love beauty. I see beauty take shape and form in so many things: Animals, nature, people; not necessarily ‘perfect people’ or what the world values and calls beautiful, but the innate beauty that exists in all of God’s creation. When I see something that leaves me awestruck or causes me to do a double-take, I want to capture it and preserve it so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed far beyond that moment in time.”

Born and raised in Southern California, Nancy always knew she was destined to be an artist and hoped that somehow, she could combine her love for animals with her passion for art. In the late 80’s her love for “all creatures great and small” led her to a wildlife animal refuge where she donated her time to serve as a volunteer at the compound’s hospital. Later she began working with wild and exotic animals as an animal caretaker and assistant animal trainer for movies and television. Through these experiences, she developed an awe and deep respect for these amazing creatures.

“Nothing can compare to the amazing privilege it is to take a nap with a chimp or go for a walk with a snow leopard, African lion, wolf or bear.” Though she no longer works with “lions and tigers and bears” (oh my!), she had a mini menagerie of her own, at home, for many years.

In 2004 tragedy struck the Conant household and Nancy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “The initial signs of the disease were blindness coupled with exhaustion. My vision slowly diminished until there was nothing left but a pinhole of light surround by black. I had two small children at home, and I was very involved with the ad agency that my husband owned at the time. Everything came to a screeching halt! I was terrified!”

A Rapid and sharp decline of the disease eventually forced Nancy into a wheelchair and by 2009 deep depression had set in; hopelessness consumed her, and the disease seemed to define her. Believing she was nothing more than a burden to her family, she became consumed with thoughts of suicide and on Easter Sunday, 2010 she acted on that obsession and took her own life. But God had different plans and 15 hours later, brought her back to life with healing, vision and a brand-new purpose in life.

Chris and Nancy Conant later wrote a book based on their experiences, called Resurrection Monday – The True Story of a Death-to-Life Experience. Later they founded Restored Anew Ministries (RAM). Together, through art and story, they share their testimony worldwide, via television, radio, digital and written media, as well as speak publicly, nationwide.

“If God has a plan for your life not even death can keep Him from for filling it.” Says Nancy.

Today, Nancy Conant lives in Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas with her husband Chris and Goldendoodle Dog, named Emmah. Her two adult daughters, Rebekah and Meghan, live nearby.