Lord of Savanna
Original Pastel Painting
  • Lord of Savanna
  • Size: 14 x 11 inches

Lord of Savanna

I have a huge amount of respect for lions. I had an opportunity to work with these awesome creatures one on one. They are so unpredictable. Although being with them was amazing! I wouldn’t want to be with a lion when he’s snarling like this one is! Yikes!

10/4/09 update: Lord of Savanna takes first place in the Pastel Category at the Irving Art Association’s 8th annual Wildlife Art Show.


  1. Nancy, this one is amazing when seen in person. It is realistically furry. You can see the enamel on the teeth. I’m curious. How old would you put your lion at?

  2. Thanks Chris! That’s the goal: “realistically furry.” My wise and capable teacher once told me a successful portrait is achieved when it looks as if the person (or animal!) can draw a breath – or in this case roar his fierce roar!
    This handsome fellow has a full mane. You may have seen some lions and even lionesses with a scruffy little bit of a mane. The development of the full mane in the male is gradual. The adolescent male begins to grow its mane at about 18 months and it continues to grow until the cat reaches about five years of age. A large dark mane is usually indicative of a high status male. Other factors to determine his age would be the condition of the teeth, number of battle wounds (facial scars), his weight and so forth. This boy’s still pretty so I would put him at about six or seven. However, I did take some artistic license and painted out some of the unflattering scars . =)