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The Prophet Jeremiah Lamenting Over The Destruction of Jerusalem

The painting is of Rembrandt’s piece, circa. 1630, The Prophet Jeremiah Lamenting Over The Destruction of Jerusalem. Been working on this one for the last three months. (I still got to squeeze a couple of commissions in there too! I like to work on more than one painting at a time.) I love painting after […]

Lionel The Grouchy Owl

It was my great pleasure to go to Sutter Creek California earlier this month to attend an “Owl” workshop. Seven other pastel artists and I had the great privilege of photographing ol’ Lionel here and painting his portrait. I love going to workshops! They are a ton of fun, you learn a bunch and everyone’s […]


Finished another portrait today! Signing a painting is always so much fun! The last painting I completed was of my daughter at three years of age surrounded by her beloved stuffed animals and friends, appropriately titled “Where’s Bekah?” This is Rebekah today.

Baby Emmah Takes Third Place!

Baby Emmah takes third place in the drawing catagory for Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibit

Sneak Peek!

Take a sneak peek at what I’m working on now.  The entire painting will be revealed soon!

A Tender Moment

This is Marilyn nuzzling newborn daughter Akili at the Memphis Zoo, moments after birth. Did you know that the birth of a giraffe includes an 18′ drop to the earth for baby? Hello! Then just after the baby stands up the mother does the most unimaginable thing. She kicks her baby tumbling! And after baby […]

“Scarlett With A Pearl Earring” wins 1st Place at the American Art Awards

This summer, by invitation, I entered three pieces into the American Art Awards. Much to my delight and surprise, “Pearl” took 1st Place in the 31st Category – Portrait of Someone Famous. The other two entries won in the 5th Category – Pastel;  The Cobbler took 3rd place and Flower Girl took 5th. I’m so […]

Jewel of the Morning Sky

It’s Finished! Here’s a close up…

She Wolf

The wolf is finished…this was a lot of fun because I also had a chance to photograph some wolves while in Washington this year.

What’s up in Washington

We’re learning the step-by-step process of Lesley’s technique to painting fur. Learning fur from the fur-master

The Cobbler

I shot this photo and placed it in an album, saying, “I’ll have to paint him someday.” Well that “someday” turned into many days! This one has well over 100 painting hours invested in it. But it truly was…

A Young Woman

Painting from a live model who came to our Monday group. This is more of a quick study. Didn’t get her name, but she had really deep blue eyes.


What can I say about Emmah… She’s a Goldendoodle (mom’s a golden retriever, dad’s a standard poodle). I like to refer to her as a Wonderdoodle. She’s a BIG girl! She’s 100 pounds of goofy.