About the Artist


Nancy Conant began her artistic endeavors at a very early age.  “I pretty much wanted to sculpt or draw anything I could get to sit still! I would spend countless hours studying faces in fashion magazines and try to meticulously render what I saw.”

“Like most of us, I love beauty. I see beauty take shape and form in so many things: Animals, nature, people; not necessarily “perfect people” or what the world values and calls beautiful, but the innate beauty that exists in all of God’s creation. When I see something that leaves me awestruck or causes me to do a double-take, I want to capture it and preserve it so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed far beyond that moment in time. ”

Born and raised in Southern California, Nancy always knew she was destined to be an artist and hoped somehow she could combine her love for animals with her passion for art. In the late 80’s her love for all creatures great and small led her to a wildlife animal refuge where she donated her time to serve as a volunteer at the compound’s hospital. Later she began working with wild and exotic animals as an animal caretaker and assistant trainer for movies and television. Through these experiences, she developed an awe and deep respect for these amazing creatures.

“Nothing – NO THING WHATSOEVER, can compare to the amazing privilege it is to take a nap with a chimp or go for a walk with a snow leopard, African lion, or bear.”  Though she no longer works with lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), she does have a mini menagerie of her own critters at home.

B.C. (Before Children) Nancy was commissioned to paint children’s murals for churches and private collectors. Although her love for oils has never waned, she discovered that this medium was impractical for one who had the unique challenge of running an advertising agency alongside her husband and looking after two small children so the art escapades stood still for a time… Alas her passion to create and capture life’s moments burned deep within and even though she had limited time to devote to her craft, she just had to paint! She was led to begin her studies in pastel. It was love at first painting!

Today, Nancy Conant lives in Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas with her husband Chris, a web developer, and two daughters, Rebekah and Meghan.

“The tagline on my website says, ‘ Painted Portraits of Pets and Their People.’ I’m not kidding! I paint cats, I paint dogs, I paint horses and birds – even reptiles! And if their owner wants to get in on the fun, I’ll paint them too!”

“I am a portrait artist,” says Conant,” but I am so much more! Pet portraits are just one small area of my skill set. I also paint still life, flowers and I’ve even tried my hand at abstract art. I teach workshops, offer private art lessons of pastel painting and I’ve begun working in oils just recently. I even hope to release another book. This time it will be an art book of sorts; a how-to-paint-in-pastels book.”

“I’m beginning to branch out into new territory”, reveals Conant. “I’ve always wanted to use my artwork to Glorify God – THE MASTER CREATOR! So as of late, I’ve released several Biblical Fine Art pieces: HIS PEACEABLE KINGDOM – ISAIAH 11:6, BENEATH THE SHADOW OF HIS WINGS, THE ROSE OF SHARON, APPLES OF GOLD IN SETTINGS OF SILVER – PROVERBS 25:11, TAGALONG – ISAIAH 40:11 and THE PROPHET JEREMIAH LAMENTING OVER THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM, after Rembrandt’s famed painting.

Nancy has over 20 years of art adventures under her belt., from college courses to commissions, art studies to workshops; spanning murals to pencil drawings, sculpting to oils and pastels. Of late, she is spending some concentrated time studying oil painting under her art mentor, June Holloway.

Her studio is located on Joe Pool Lake. She counts it a privilege and a blessing to create a fine art keepsake that can be handed down for generations to come.