Lil’ E (elvis)

Lil' E (elvis)

Lil’ E or Elvis as my sister calls him is one small dog. I joke that my Emmah poops bigger than her Lil’ E.

It was only due to a series of unusual events that my sister actually became Lil’ E’s mom. Now, she can’t imagine life without him. Funny how these little creatures have a way of sneaking into our hearts unaware, but what joy and love they bring to our lives!!! I’m going to try to talk my Sis into¬† allowing me to post the video of her response at presentation. The best words a portrait artist can hear are, “You’ve captured him! That’s my boy!!!”


  1. I can’t describe the awe and wonder I felt when Nancy presented me with “Lil’ E” . Of course, the physical likeness of Elvis is remarkable, but what’s really amazing is that she did capture his spirit, his essence. My painting proudly hangs on a wall where I can enjoy it from three rooms. You got him, Nancy; it’s my sweet boy!
    With love and thanks,
    (by the way, I’m not sure about the video thing, tho :-) )